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uniting the power of your brand, your data and your people.

Most companies dream of growth but fail to give a precise answer to where the growth is going to come from – what will we be doing differently now, to make sure it happens? The answer is often lost in too many PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets, defending the status quo.

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For Whom?

Ambitious small to mid-sized players who believe there is a bigger tomorrow for them, but are in need of a systematic approach to achieving it.

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What we do?

A pragmatic and customer-focused process, identifying immediate growth potential and delivering on it, with all critical functions working together.

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Why us?

Because the three critical components in accelerating growth: brand, automation and people must be integrated to make it happen efficiently.

The unity of 3 that makes all the difference: Brand, Automation and People.

Historically and culturally, it has proven difficult to integrate these critical areas with a holistic view, even if they perform in synergy – especially when driving sustainable growth. Siloed optimization is merely suboptimizing.

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The area of brand starts from optimizing purpose and positioning supported by unique customer and stakeholder insights. We identify opportunities exploring new value propositions; the foundation to build a winning experience design and set priorities in both existing and new markets.

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Growth starts by knowing the customers better than competition and acting on it.


Only with data at the core can you reach your growth potential effectively. It is the blood in the veins of every company. And to grow, you have to increase the flow of data. You have to be obsessed understanding your customers and translate this knowledge into automated growth.

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Data is needed to accelerate automation and increase process accuracy.

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Many plans and growth strategies have looked good on paper, but never come at eye level with the teams involved or been rooted in the culture of the company. And then you are sure to fail. The “People” part is about creating readiness, an open mind for new ideas and embracing change.

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Growth means change, and team spirit is the oil. Are your people aligned?

How to drive customized growth

We are dedicated to make bold visions and dreams come true. It’s all about turning ambition into action, effectively and accountably.

To make it simple; it is all about being the best at generating relevant traffic and converting it to value.

Regardless which business you are in, this principle applies. We call it ConversionExcellence. If you believe it is time to make a lasting impact on your business performance, here is your chance to try it.

The SaphirConsulting Core Team

Decades of practical working experience on C-level in global companies, as well as being advisors for remarkable global brands, have taught us that meeting growth objectives doesn’t have to be based on luck, high hopes and expectations. It is a question of the right people, doing the right things, right.

Jacob Nyborg



Jacob is an experienced C-level professional with demonstrated success in brand innovation – both in global tier 1 companies and through own companies.

Sebastian Denzin



Sebastian has already successfully founded several companies and made them scalable. Digitalization and digital marketing play a crucial role in this.

Penny Koumantsiotou Nyborg



Coming from brand and sociology, Penny supports the People team making sure the vision of growth engages everyone and transforms into a winner culture.

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