Where dreams come true.

The GrowthStudio is a special unit in SaphirConsulting dedicated to uncovering growth potential for midmarket companies or departments of larger companies who dream of a bigger tomorrow…  

Welcome to the GrowthStudio by SaphirConsulting. Here, you will meet a select group of proven industry experts, entrepreneurs, creative minds, strategists, and former C-level leaders all coming together around your company, your situation, and your opportunity.  

We help creating bold visions and lighting up the path to reach them. In a systematic and self-financing process, we start the journey to uncover your true potential.   

Traditional consulting

Resistance to Innovation

Classical consulting firms are often criticised for sticking to traditional methods, which are not adequate for the fast-paced world of today. 

Costly services

Most larger consulting firms have developed a high fee structure, making them seem inaccessible to smaller businesses and only fit for large enterprises. 

Overreliance on theory

Classical consultants may rely too heavily on theoretical models, potentially disconnecting from the practical realities of clients’ businesses. 

Hierarchical structure

Classical consulting firms are based on rigid multi-layered hierarchies, often hindering fast, effective communication and collaboration. 

Slow adaptation to change

Slow to adapt, classical consulting companies may be struggling to keep pace with the dynamic nature of digital challenges and opportunities. 

Limited diversity

Classical consulting is often based on a homogeneous talent pool, lacking diversity of thought and experience needed for effectively addressing diverse client issues. 

The GrowthStudio by SaphirConsulting

Innovative solutions

The GrowthStudio excels in innovation, ensuring that our solutions and recommendations are tailored precisely to exploit your business opportunities. 

Cost-effective guidance

We set ourselves apart from the high-fee consulting companies, by offering a self-financing 3 step collaboration model. Systematically driving growth. 

Practical application

We turn ideas into action, fast and effectively. The GrowthStudio develops the vision and plan – and supports the implementation completing your team.

Expert collaboration

A handful of best-in-class experts within global branding, digital marketing, data, and innovation are organising themselves around your opportunity

Agile adaptation

Once the path is set, we can support your growth journey through both SaphirConsulting and SaphirSolutionfor a seamless implementation. 

Diverse teams

Here, you will find real professionals who made careers within top tier companies, in innovation, through startups and sales. We are differently pragmatic. 

Where dreams become bigger.

In the GrowthStudio you will meet a select group of proven industry experts, entrepreneurs, creative minds, strategists, and former C-level leaders coming together around your company, your situation, and your opportunity.

Uncover your true potential

We help creating bold visions and lighting up the path to reach them. Our systematic process starts with a thoroughly prepared 2 hours session – the DreamWorkshop – where we, starting from the situation as is, focus the levers for growth, and define the steps to change the game.

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Our Consulting Team

Digital Growth Specialists

Penny Koumantsiotou Nyborg


People Expert

Sebastian Denzin


Digital Expert

Jacob Nyborg


Brand Expert

Get growing!

Once elaborating the growth map into action planning, our experience shows that 9 out of 10 of our clients have been able to board a growth journey without any extra investments, following our proven 3 step process.

  • Step 1. First, we give our data experts the task to retrieve efficiencies in your current customer interface and marketing setup. Usually, we can prove savings between 30-50%, which are then reallocated to the FIRST step of the growth journey: More reach, more traffic, and more sales conversions. In this phase, we also tap into funding opportunities.
  • Step 2. The win from the first step is reallocated to start refining the brand presence – with the right offering, content, messaging, and targeting. With a stronger brand comes more pricing power, and the growth is now entering its SECOND dimension – increased profitability.
  • Step 3. The THIRD dimension is about process optimization and systematic innovation, which can be difficult to manage in the middle of a hectic growth process. Here, our experts help design the improvements to release the third dimension of growth – increased efficiency.

So, if you believe there is still untapped potential out there, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make it happen.